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Install Application on Commerce7

Go to Apps > Assistant7 - Reviews

Install WordPress Plugin

Go to WordPress Plugins > Search For "Assistant7". Install > Activate

After activation, view Settings > Assistant7 and insert your Tenant ID.

Your tenant ID, can be found in Commerce7 > Settings > General

We do have default settings, but not all of them work for every website.

Ensure your Collection & Product Details Slug match your websites url structure for those pages.

Product Title Selector is a little trickier to get.

Collection Page Title Selector, you are looking for the CSS Class that says, "c7-product__title", or a close variation of it. Reference images on the right.

Once you find this selector insert it into you Assistant7 settings, and ensure it has a 'period' at the front. ".c7-product__title"

Product Page Title Selector, is similar. Click on a product to get to the details screen. You are now looking for the title of the page that has a class of, "c7-product-detail__titles". If this has an alternate class, copy and paste it into the Assistant7 settings. Ensure it has the period before it, ".c7-product-detail__titles".

After Both Products Are Installed

You will now see the available form on your website for customers to provide reviews.

The design should take on your styling of your current website. All elements are flexible to be adjusted through CSS.

Install the HTML onto your product page

This step is no longer required.


What happens when I click "Setup Configuration"

While you are in your Commerce7 Admin, you might see a red button labelled, "Setup Configuration". Our system will setup meta-data fields in the backend. Our platform will not work properly without the configuration set.

Current reports available

Reports > Reviews

You can see the reviews, either as a whole, or under each product (Tab: Reviews).

Receive notifications

Reports > Reviews > "Settings Gear Icon"

This will email you and see any reviews coming into your platform.

That's all

You will now be able to visit the reports page and view your reviews.

We have more plans for this product, stay tuned!

What if still need help

Visit our homepage and fill in the Contact Us form.